FRESNO!!!! Come see (and hear) Alex's (Bag's) new 1951 Slingerland blue sparkle drums tonight at @audiesolympic at 8:30pm!

Molly Pitcher in Atascadero tonight! Audie's Olympic in Fresno tomorrow! Cargo in Reno Saturday! #lordbeardsley

Greetings from gorgeous Chico, CA! We play El Rey Theatre tonight with Trampled by Turtles! Doors at 7pm. @tbtduluth

#mcm is obviously a tie between the San Francisco Giants and Trampled by Turtles who we do some showzz with this week: Wed 10/22 in Chico at El Rey Theater Sat 10/25 in Reno at Cargo @cargoreno #gogiants

Happy Birthday to our resident percussionist and baseballist extraordinaire, Alex Nash! #wesleywillis

Goodnight, Texas Says Hello, Appalachia

To get your head around the band Goodnight, Texas, you need to know your geography. When the group formed, Avi Vinocur was living in San Francisco. His songwriting partner Patrick Dyer Wolf lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Since a cross-contintal collaboration defined their work, they adopted t…

Avi chats with The Revivalist: Word from the Appalachian South about his Appalachian influences, the stories and photos that inspire the band's music.

Happy Birthday to Tim Marcus and Mary Wolf!!!!!!!!!! Tag your friends with an October 12th birthday below so they know that our album is for sale on iTunes and they can buy it for themselves for their birthday

West Coast dates coming up at the end of the month with Trampled by Turtles and one with Dustbowl Revival!! @tbtduluth @dustbowlrevival 10/22 Chico, CA @ El Rey Theatre (with Trampled by Turtles) 10/23 Atascadero, CA @ Molly Pitcher 10/24 Fresno, CA @ Audie's Olympic (with Dustbowl Revival) 10/25 Reno, NV @ Cargo (with Trampled by Turtles) Come out friends!

Goodnight, Texas // "Button Your Collar" Official Music Video!

Goodnight, Texas new party jamz. Dadgummit, grab the moonshine. Goodnight, Texas new LP "Uncle John Farquhar" will be released 8/5/14 on Tallest Man Records....

Now on YouTube, the motion picture accompanying "Button Your Collar," done by the multifaceted Aaron Mort. All footage of the band with top buttons fastened and naked from the waist down has been lost or destroyed, but the film does give the viewer a good sense of how the members of Goodnight, Texas eat doughnuts.

Come on up to Laporte, CO at @theswingstation tonight! This is our new favorite outlaw bar. Just got here and hung our flag and everything. Show at 8:00pm with Winchester Holiday! Conveniently located between Laramie, Denver, and Craig on the outskirts of Ft. Collins. #america

Ran into our SF friends in @thefamilycrest on the highway so we stopped for a couple beers and popcorn at Henry's Pub and Club in Sterling, CO! "We got talked into buying these IPAs and no one in Sterling likes that shit, so they're $2 so we can get rid of them. Coors Light is $3.50." - Bartender

On our way to Ft. Collins today!!! Come say hello at @theswingstation in Laporte tonight at 8 with local favorites and friends Winchester Holiday!

On to Minneapolis today! Acadia Cafe at 9 tonight @acadiampls!! With local band Four Legg Fish. Milwaukee ruled last night at Yield Bar by the way! We freaking love Wisconsin! #greatmomentsincelebritygraffiti

All loaded in in Chicago! Doors at 9 at The Throne Room - 2831 N Broadway. Come on down! Tickets are available at the door!

Goodnight, Texas, David Prusina and The Cryin' Side of Town, Johnny Edward @ The Throne Room...

Show 9PM/ Doors 8PM 18+ $10 Door/ $8 Advance Goodnight Texas David Prusina and the Cryin' Side of Town Johnny Edward Goodnight, Texas Goodnight, Texas got a post office in 1888. Some time later, Patrick Dyer Wolf and Avi Vinocur came across each other out in San Francisco and took to learning each o…

Chicaaaago! We're playing The Throne Room tonight at 9pm, 18+. Comment below with your favorite movie set in #Chicago and you might win 2 tickets to the show. And go! Tickets on sale now:

Chicago tonight at The Throne Room 9pm! 18+! Milwaukee tomorrow (Friday) at Yield Bar! Minneapolis 10/4 (Saturday) at Acadia Cafe! #cowabunga

We are playing a party in the basement of this adorable house in Grand Rapids, MI tonight #houseparty 577 Grandville Ave SW. 8:30pm. Come and give the code "metal".