#UncleJohnFarquhar is like a scrapbook: a collection of clippings over the course of history. So a bit of midweek history for you: The real John Farquhar was a reverend who gave a sermon following a seminal point in American history - President Abraham Lincoln's assassination. You can read the full sermon here:

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#gntx #unclejohnfarquhar Song Preview numero 11: "Ballad of a Fair Young Lady," and yes, that is @milkmansound shredding

Music + wine. Wine + music. Did we mention wine? Join us w/ Ghost and Gale & The Bones of J.R. Jones August 3rd at Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead. Less than ONE week! Get your tickets:

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Song Preview no. 10 from our new album is "Hayride" -- a short instrumental mandolin number! Avi plays it here in front of JW Snacks BBQ in Craig, CO. #unclejohnfarquhar #gntx #jwsnacks #lessthan2weeksaway

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Goodnight, Texas - Tickets - 3 Kings Tavern - Denver, CO - July 24th, 2014

Goodnight is an unincorporated town in Texas' Armstrong County named after Charles Goodnight, who settled there in 1887. The small town is also the midpoint on I-40 between the respective residences o

Denver we're comin' for you tomorrow night!! Thursday, 7/24 9:30pm at 3 Kings Tavern with Ol' Hickory. Part of The Denver Post's The Underground Music Showcase (UMS). Avi's birthday at midnight. Come rage!

Here's song preview number 9!! This one's called "The Horse Accident (In Which A Girl Was All But Killed)" and features a special backing vocal appearance by our lovely pal Kelly McFarling! @mcfarflung #gntx #unclejohnfarquhar Also note: 2 weeks till our new album drops as of today!

What song is our drummer Alex looking forward to playing on the #GNTXTour? "Moonshiners. In Chicago once, Avi almost barfed on stage from food poisoning. That song went over really well that night. Haven't played it since." Don't miss it. Find tickets and a date near you at #MusicMonday #GNTX Photo Credit: Aaron Mort

Thanks to everyone who came out to see our set at BandPage today and a very BIG thanks to the BandPage staff for being so hospitable.